63 billion messages were sent using WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve


Messages on WhatsApp have reached a new high with the messaging company revealing that a whopping 63 billion messages were sent using WhatsApp on New Year’s Eve.

Bifurcations provided by WhatsApp regarding the types of messages sent reveal that of the 63 billion messages sent, there were 7.9 billion images, and 2.4 billion videos. WhatsApp also revealed that a very significant part of that massive number was generated by India – which saw 14 billion messages being sent on the day. Both numbers set new single-day records for the messaging app.

Of the 14 billion WhatsApp messages sent in India, 32 per cent were media messages – photos, GIF images, videos, and voice messages. A total of 3.1 billion images, 700 million GIF images, and 610 million videos were sent on WhatsApp in India on the day.

Notably, WhatsApp only recently rolled out the ability to share animated GIF images on the platform. WhatsApp for iPhone got the feature back in November, while WhatsApp for Android got the feature in December. Android recently also got the ability to stream shared videos, letting users view videos before they were downloaded.

WhatsApp stopped working on older versions of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone on December 31. Devices running on Android 2.2 or lower, iOS 6 or lower, and Windows Phone 7 are no longer supported by the app.