Alphabet pulls the plug on Titan drone project


Drones aren’t a thing that Google’s parent company Alphabet is too keen about – at least for now – as new reports have emerged that the company have given up on its Titan drone project for over a year now.

According to a statement by Alphabet courtesy AFP, Alphabet gave up on its internet drone project Titan about a year ago and the staff working on the project have been moved to other projects worked upon by Google X including Loon focused on creating a network of high-altitude balloons that would provide internet service to people on the ground no matter how remote.

Some people from the team also shifted to Project Wing, which is creating delivery drones, according to an X division spokesperson.

“The team from Titan was brought into X in late 2015,” the spokesperson said in an email to AFP. “We ended our exploration of high altitude UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for Internet access shortly after.”

The economics and technical feasibility of balloons are seen as a more promising way to connect rural and remote parts of the world to the internet, according to X. Leading online social network Facebook is continuing to develop an Aquila drone for beaming Internet connection from the sky.

Google X is a tightly kept behind-the-doors affair and according to Google it is devoted to creating world-changing new technologies.