Woman’s March on Washington Draws a Global Crowd in Rebuke to Trump

Over a million people have come together in cities around the US to protest in the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration.


The protests were caused by rejection of values that Donald Trump stood for during his campaign, most notably, his behavior toward women and minorities. The women march has been supported by many celebrities and has seen people around the globe join in.

The protest march was actually started by a Facebook post made by a retiree living in Hawaii. The protest has been organized in Washington, Los angels, Park City and many others in the US, but also in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Melbourne as thousands went out on the street to show they are not going to accept Trump’s rhetoric and possible actions based on it.

Women’s March on Washington was granted a permit for a gathering of 200.000, however, more than half million showed up. Many that took part stated that Trump’s campaign, that has divided the country, was their primary reason to join. Most of the protesters wanted to send a message to Trump, to show they still have a voice, even after he defeated Hillary Clinton for the presidency. They wanted to show that his actions will not be taken silently.

In total organizers listed more than 670 events in the US and across the world. Other cities included Barcelona, Mexico City, Darmstadt, Berlin and Tel Aviv. Chicago protest swelled to 150.000 which forced organizers to reduce the planned activities of the march. The huge turnout across the country was a pressure on police who sought to ensure everyone’s safety, especially after violence broke out at the day of the inauguration.

Protesters have gathered in part bad weather conditions wearing pink hats and many feminist signs in order to show what they think of Trump’s misogynistic rhetoric that just was perfectly summed up in the 2005 video of Trump’s comments about grabbing women by their genitals. The signs focused mostly on that, signaling that “This p***y bites back” or “P***y power”.

The see of the protest was also visible in numbers by the Metro which had more than 590.000 trips. This was more than on the inaguration day, when 368.000 trips were recorded in Washington DC.