Popular Adult Website Pornhub Now Provides Sex Ed

The Raunchy Website Introduces an Educational and Advice Section

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Pornhub has made its name as one of the world’s leading adult entertainment websites. However, they recently revealed that they will be extending their services to include a section dedicated to sexual education and advice, with the aim of enabling their viewers to lead more satisfactory sex lives.

Dubbed the “Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center“, it was launched last Tuesday and provides useful information on a wide range of topics related to sexual health, anatomy, STDs among others. More interesting topics will also feature, of course, guaranteed to enliven and invigorate their visitors’ sexual experiences

In a press release issued by the website’s Vice President, Corey Price, the goal of these new services is “to provide our fans with a trusted educational platform they can utilise as their go-to resource for information and advice when it comes to sex,”

With almost 70 million daily visitors from all corners of the globe, Price established that the company wanted to shoulder some of the responsibility in instructing their audiences onthe importance of sexual health and wellbeing, incorporating both physical and psychological aspects.

Pornhub has confirmed that it has brought on board a great team of doctors, therapists and other health professionals to provide advice and address concerns.

The director of the Wellness centre, sex therapist and radio host, Dr.Laurie Betito shared her enthusiasm in getting the opportunity to connect with an international audience on this level and says the educational site will strive to be “a source for healthy sexual education and dialogue.”