Nordstrom No Longer Selling Ivanka Trump Merchandise

Popular Luxury Department Store Finally Disassociates itself with the Trump Name

nordstom store

According to a company representative, the Seattle-based chain has taken the decision to stop stocking first daughter, Ivanka Trump’s clothing and shoe line.

The decision came after a long-running campaign organised by the activist group “Grab Your Wallet”, instructed the retailer to cease all business connections to the Trump family or face a continuous boycott by millions of its members.

In the statement issued by the department store, however, there was no mention of the boycott and the representative simply claimed the merchandise was being dropped due to underperforming and not selling. “In this case, based on the brand’s performance we’ve decided not to buy it for this season.” The representative confirmed that the remaining products they have in stock will be sold. Up until last night, the store’s website featured just 4 styles of Ivanka Trump-branded shoes, all of which were discounted, a huge drop from the 71 items featured on the same site last December.

Shannon Coulter, one of the lead activists of Grab Your Wallet, stated that the group was commemorating the dropping of the brand as one of the major achievements of their campaign, which kicked off last October, in response to the video released featuring Donald Trump boasting about committing vulgar acts on women.  The campaign targets over 60 other big companies who support Trump in any way.

Coulter maintains that “the people who voted against Donald Trump may have lost at the ballot box, but they can win at the cash register.”

Ivanka Trump started producing a jewellery collection in 2007 and then progressed to other retail items including clothes, shoes, perfumes and handbags, among others. However, the first daughter is set to give up all managing positions within her own company as well as the Trump Organization, as she has recently relocated to Washington where she is currently working as an adviser to Trump Administration.