Classic Options: Trade Binary with Bigger Benefits

iqOptions Launches New Classic Options Platform

iqoption classic options

Leading binary options broker iqOption has introduced a brand-new trading platform which they claim is “a perfect marriage of unlimited profitability of the stock market and the simplicity of the platform.”

The Classic Options platform is influenced by American stock options which are popular in the US. In a nutshell, the platform operates in the same way as any normal binary options platform; traders choose an asset (a stock in this case) and click Call if they think the price will increase or Put if they believe it will fall.

However, the difference here is that while binary options offer a fixed profit, Classic options provide the opportunity for the payout to increase, on the condition that the price keeps moving in the right direction. More importantly, traders get to close the option and reap the profits whenever they choose.

There is also a profitability scale that displays your profit percentage and at what price traders can start profiting on an option. As a general rule, the closer the expiry time, the lower the options price, however, option prices are based on several factors such market fluctuation, demand and expected performance.

iqOptions claims to provide payouts of up to 95%, some of the highest in the industry. To find out more about how you can trade classic options and get more from your trading experience check out the iqOption FAQ.

Classic Options will be offered for free to all iqOption member for the first three months. However, they may be subject to additional fees and commissions soon after so traders should make the most of them while they can. Traders should also note that these options can only be traded when the American exchanges are open.