Binary Signals Trader – the New Signals Provider on the Market

Start your binary options trading career.


In the recent period, we have witnessed increased popularity of binary trading signals and binary signals provided who proved themselves to be, in many ways, an improvement compared to other types of trading platforms such as auto trading software. In sea of products, most traders want the same thing: a binary signals provider that is

  • Free
  • Reliable
  • Trustworthy

Binary Signals Trader, a specialised binary platform created and developed by financial specialist Simon Russel, is designed according to traders’ wishes.

Users don’t have to put any additional expenses or costs into their investing equation when using Binary Signals Trader as it is a free product. The registration process is very easy and straightforward, and they only have to make a minimum deposit with a broker in order to execute trades. As usual, the minimum deposit is around $250.

Binary Signals Trader Settings

Binary Signals Trader offers a variety of settings and features in order to deliver a completely optimised trading experience. For example, traders can easily select their assets, trading amounts and daily trading limits whether it is for the amount that can be invested or for a total number of trades. There is also a possibility of turning on and off certain assets in case traders have the ones they prefer.

Binary Signals Trader delivers signals that are equipped with all necessary information like asset type, expiry time, and trading direction. Trading interface is easy to use and provides traders with all important information about their previous and current trading. What distinguishes Binary Signals Trader from other similar products in binary options industry is the fact that it is equipped with a video tutorial for additional education of their users.

Free Binary Signals Trader Premium Account

Traders who want even more personalised trading can become a Premium member. Premium membership has many perks, including different trading strategies, risk levels and expiry times. Premium membership can definitely bring the whole trading experience to a more advanced level, especially for more experienced traders.