HTC Announces a Smartphone with Amazon’s Alexa Assistant

Life just became a lot easier thanks to HTC U11

htc mobile

HTC announced the new smartphone model – HTC U11 that will have popular assistant Amazon’s Alexa built in. This is considered to be a high-end phone, as the new model has several upgrades when compared to previous types.

The biggest news is that it has Alexa support, something that we already saw with Huawei phones but as a separate app. HTC claims that Alexa will operate in the same way as Echo service does – all you have to do is say your request. At the moment, Alexa is more limited than Echo and users can expect an upgrade at some point.

Alexa assistant will be able to execute most popular tasks and experiences: a basic level of smart home control etc.

‘U’ in the name stands for the ‘ultra’, which is part of the rebranding that HTC has been doing in the recent past. Also, this device is seen as the successor of the last years hit smartphone HTC 10, so the name is the combination of the existing heritage and new marketing approach.

Taiwanese company managed to create an impressive smartphone that is well designed and has a great potential in becoming a must-have item among trendsetters. It keeps the well-known rectangular shape with an all-glass back shine that catches the eye. The back of the smartphone curves into the metal parts perfectly, while the phone remains thin and elegant at the same time. The entire design of the new HTC U11 is sending a message of luxury and prestige.

One of the main disadvantages, according to testers, is the fact that traces of fingerprints can easily ruin the overall appearance of the device. Also, there is a large amount of space not covered with a screen which has a tendency of making it look a bit dated when compared to similar products on the market. New HTC U11 is also IP67 water resistant which is always welcomed.

Unfortunately, the new phone lacks the headphone jack, so users have to opt for alternatives like Bluetooth or USB-C. Noise-cancelling USB-C earbuds are included, and HTC promises great customization for better comfort.