T-rex Discovered to Have Had a Bone Crushing Superpower

T-rex could crush bones with unbelievable strenght


It is a pretty much common knowledge that Tyrannosaurus rex has a strong, powerful jaw with a killer bite. However, it was not known until recently, exactly how strong was it.

A study published just a few days ago suggested that the impressive carnivore was able to break and crush the bones of its prey with 3,538kg of pure force. This more than twice of what has been recorded of any other living species on Earth.

According to Dr Gregory M Erickson, a paleobiologist who co-authored the aforementioned study, T-rex’s bite force was comparable to stacking three smaller cars on the jaws of the animal. It would be able to crush almost anything that got caught in its mouth.

This has led to another discovery on top of it. Dr Paul M Gignac, who was the lead researcher on the study, confirmed that it is a high possibility that T-rex not only could crush bones but also use them for nutrients.

This would have been especially useful for Tyrannosaurus rex considering that the dinosaur was an opportunistic scavenger who took advantage of found carcasses.

The reason Dr Erickson became intrigued with the power that T-rex could have had in its jaws, was a fossilized triceratops pelvis that he saw as a graduate student, which had around 80 bites on it. After a couple of years of research back in the mid-1990’s, Dr Erickson along with other researchers confirmed that the bite marks came from T-rex. They also subsequently discovered that T-rex had consumed and digested bones as there was evidence, in its fossilized excrement, of bones that have been digested.

This animal’s whole jaw and head structure made it extremely well suited for this kind of force that would result in bone crushing without a doubt, it seems.

A paleontologist that reviewed the published study, Dr Stephen Brusatte from the University of Edinburgh, had said that this T-rex’s ability made him a unique creature among other dinosaurs. There wasn’t any other dinosaur that could have compared to Tyrannosaurus rex. If another dinosaur was being chased by T-rex and caught, as we can imagine, it certainly wouldn’t have been a very fair fight.