Apple Shows the World the Future at This Year’s Worldwide Developers Conference

It is clear that Apple’s goal of this year’s WWDC wasn’t to present flashy new gadgets and products, but to inconspicuously slip smaller future fragments in today's devices.


It wasn’t as flashy as one would expect, but that wasn’t the point – this year’s WWDC conference was focused on showing the world what might come next.

Here’s the breakdown of what was happening there and how will Apple impress us once again:

Augmented reality

Apple has focused on offering the iOS 11 this fall because when it becomes available, Apple will have the biggest AR platform in the world. Not just that, but the platform will be already on the devices that are massively in use. This will be a huge advantage for Apple in the future by making a simple software update.

Virtual reality

When it comes to virtual reality, Apple has not really stepped up on it. Despite the excitement from the rest of the industry, they have been very cautious. However, this seem to be the time for Apple to shine by offering a brand new tool set in the upcoming macOS Sierra software. This software will allow developers to connect VR headsets and actually create content.


Despite the fact that Apple focused on HomePod’s music features and it did describe it as a futuristic home stereo, the truth is that this piece of software is so much more. HomePod is a platform that will allow Siri into our homes in a completely new way. Everything in your home will be connected and powered by an artificial intelligence.

iOS 11 on iPad

It seems that Apple will soon be delivering on its promise of converting the iPad into the laptop of the future. It will feature a new storage solution, Mac-like app dock, drag and drop app capabilities and much more. It is finally starting to feel a lot more like a touchscreen Mac than a huge iPhone, which was the ultimate goal.

It is clear that Apple’s goal of this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference wasn’t to wow and present flashy new gadgets and products, but to actually pave the way in smaller, more sustainable increments by inconspicuously slipping smaller future fragments in today’s devices. This feels like a brilliant strategy, and knowing Apple it will be fruitful.