Sony’s Announcements From the PlayStation E3 Show

Sony has prepared an abundance of new releases coming our way!


Without a long and elaborate introduction, not unlike what Shawn Layden from Sony Interactive Entertainment did when he just left the stage to show the crowd what they can expect from Sony, we give you the following:

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy
The Lost Legacy stars two female lead characters and happens in India – makes for an exciting story already.

Horizon: Zero Dawn
The trailer promises the return of Aloy where he would ‘face the beast’ and a lot more mechanical dinosaurs.

Days Gone
It seems that this game will offer an exciting amount of ‘anarchic undead mayhem’ and that is all you need.

A Monster Hunter
A fantasy guy running through a Jurassic forest with a huge sword strapped to it, hiding from and tracking ancient beings. Wonderful!

A Shadow of the Colossus
This is a complete remake of the masterpiece from Fumito Ueda and looks as amazing as one would expect.

Marvel vs. Capcom InfiniteThis is a familiar mashup with Capcom and Marvel’s characters of all sorts. Who wouldn’t want to play this?

Call of Duty: WWII and Destiny 2
Call of Duty returns to World War 2 with a side serving of metallic gear and bolt-action weaponry.

New releases for PlayStation VR
A sci-fi game by Playful called Star Child, a psychological horror experience The Inpatient by Supermassive and Final Fantasy XV-inspired game called Monsters of the Deep. Can’t wait!

God of War 4
This game could be placed somewhere between a Shakespearean tragedy and a monster movie. We’ll just have to wait and see where it is exactly.

Detroit: Become Human
With this game, players can create their own story that features AI humanoids that rebel against humans.

The first look at Spider-Man
This will come as surprise for many who are used to heavy maneuvering from our superhero that wasn’t that fast. This game changes that.