It Turns Out That Coconut Oil Is Bad For You

Since coconut oil contains 82% saturated fat, it is pretty obvious that it might not the most healthy thing ever.

coconut oil

There were multiple news articles over the last few days slamming coconut oil and comparing it to butter or lard. This was directly linked to the publishing of a new review from the American Heart Association (AHA) which goes over the role of fats when it comes to heart disease risks. It seems that coconut oil received some bad press in that review.

According to the AHA review, there is a major discrepancy between what the general public thinks of coconut oil and what the nutritionists think. This is likely due to the high-profile advertising that coconut oil gets in the mainstream media.

As it could have been seen and heard, coconut oil gets praised for weight loss, metabolism boosting, digestion solver and many other things. However, seeing that it contains 82% saturated fat, it is pretty obvious that it might not the most healthy thing ever.

The reason why saturated fats should be avoided is to avoid the rise in bad blood cholesterol. Saturated fats can be found foods such as junk food, processed foods, baked goods, chips – and it can increase the risk for heart disease.

When we talk about saturated fats, we typically placed them with animal products such as lard and butter while we think of unsaturated fats when we mention olive oil and various seeds and nuts.

According to the AHA review in question, recent studies have shown the link between coconut oil and the raising of the blood cholesterol. However, scientists do point out that it is clear that changes in cholesterol that is a result of a diet cannot be directly linked to heart diseases so it is crucial that we pay attention to specific foods.

When it comes to coconut oil, it certainly does contribute to cholesterol changes even if it does not directly correlate with cardiovascular diseases. But seeing that the indirect link still exists, it is smart to avoid consuming large amounts of coconut oil. Instead, a diet should be focused on a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits and vegetable oil instead of saturated fats.

Coconut oil has plenty of topical, cosmetic purposes so it’s smart to keep using it as a hair conditioner rather than in the kitchen.