YouTube Launches a New Video Format – VR 180

The videos done in VR 180 are looking a lot better that the 360 videos that you can now find on Youtube.

virtual reality

Even the people who have never had a virtual reality experience but are on YouTube regularly, have certainly come across the 360 video. They have probably concluded how interesting it was but that the video quality is rather poor.

Well, it seems that YouTube was actually listening to those complaints and has come up with something that will be a welcome novelty for both the VR enthusiasts and those who never use VR in their online life. This novelty is called VR 180 and it is going to be at YouTube content creators disposal in order to create an immersive but quality video experience.

However, like it is to be expected, there are good sides and bad sides to this new platform that is just being experimented on.

We’ve decided to start with the good things we can say about this new content platform. The videos done in VR 180 are looking a lot better that the 360 videos that you can now find on Youtube. These 360 won’t be going anywhere but YouTube won’t be focused primarily on them as it might have seemed before.

With the current 360 video, the quality of the video is not the greatest in the middle of the video which is basically the part that is the most important for the viewer. But with the VR 180, the focus is not so spread out and the video quality can go up to $K for the entire image and not just parts like it was the case with 360.

Another improvement that we need to mention about the VR 180 is certainly the stereoscopic view, which basically means that, unlike the 360 videos, VR 180 will offer videos with a sense of depth which significantly improves the immersive experience if you are viewing it through the VR headset. It is worthwhile to mention that this improved experience means that you will get a better content on your browser also.

So, while it might seem like we are downgrading by going from the 360 to 180 video, it is actually quite the contrary. This doesn’t seem to be just a minor improvement that is happening here, the upgrade is definitely major and we are hoping that it will be the path that YouTube will take for their future endeavors.